Thurs., Oct. 8 - 6:30 pm

Eyewitness Report from the G20 :
The Economic Crisis - Racism & the Struggle for Jobs, Housing, Education & Healthcare

USW L. 8751

Boston School Bus Drivers
Union Hall

25 Colgate Rd., Roslindale
(a few blocks south of Forrest Hills T, off Wash. St.)

Speakers & topics will include:

Members of BOPM and USW L. 8751 who participated in the Sept. 20th March for Jobs as well as other actions during the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Updates and discussion on the struggle for equal, quality education in the Boston Public Schools

Racism & the attacks on healthcare reform

The struggle for justice by workers at the Hyatt and Harvard

The continuing struggle against foreclosures

Oct. 1 Massachusetts March & Rally for Jobs

(BOPM has endorsed this important demonstration initiated by the Mass. AFL-CIO - 781.324.8230 and Jobs with Justice - 617.524.8778)

4:00 pm - Kickoff at the State House

4:30 pm - March through downtown Boston

5:30 pm - Rally at Hyatt Boston (One Avenue de Lafayette, Boston)

Last month marked 20 straight months of job losses - the longest since the Great Depression. Millions are out of work, foreclosures and evictions continue, and more than 47 million people in the U.S. have no medical insurance. Meanwhile, Washington is spending trillions of dollars for bailouts for corrupt bankers and for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time record numbers of homeowners are filing for foreclosure.. The economy is in ruins and millions of working people, especially from poor communities and communities of color, are suffering as a direct result of the war spending and the draconian cuts in essential social services.

Staying in the streets and building an independent people’s movement is more important than ever. We need to organize and fightback against a system that puts profits before the needs of the people.

If you are committed to fighting back against the corporate bailouts and endless war, if you believe that everyone has a right to a job at a livable wage; affordable housing; equal, quality public education; and health care. Then join us on Thursday Oct. 1 as we join with the AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice and many others to march through the streets of Boston to the Boston Hyatt Hotel. Why the Boston Hyatt? Because in typical ruthless corporate fashion the Hyatt fired over 100 housekeepers and replaced them with lower paid workers who will receive no benefits. We will march in solidarity with these workers and all who have been laid-off or have had their wages slashed in the pursuit of profit.