February 28th Fight Back Conference
(l-r - Miya X, Women's Fightback Network; Padma Balasubramanian, Healthcare Provider; Ahmad Kawash, Palestinian Activist; Sandra McIntosh, Work 4 Quality; Dorotea Manuela, Boston May Day Committee; Chuck Turner, Boston City Council, Larry Holmes, National Coordinator, Bail Out the People Movement)

On Saturday, February 28 approximately 70 activists representing a wide range of organizations and struggles from Boston, Western Mass., and Rhode Island met at the USW L. 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers union hall to discuss and strategize a fight back against the economic crisis. Participants addressed the attacks on desgregation and education; the need for solidarity with Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner; fighting for jobs and the rights of the unemployed; fighting back against layoffs and Meninos attempt to freeze wages; defending the rights of women and LGBT people; the need for international solidarity as well as solidarity with immigrant workers. All were in agreement of the need to unite and work together on each others struggles and to Bail Out the People Not Wall Street! A follow-up meeting will be scheduled shortly.

photos by Liz Green