Wednesday, April 14 – 9:30 am

Boston Common Bandstand

Come Out Against the "Tea Party" and Sarah Palin

Fightback Against Racism, Sexism, Anti-LGBT & Anti-Immigrant Bigotry

  • Healthcare, Jobs, Education, and Housing are a RIGHT!
  • Defend the Rights of ALL Immigrants!
  • Defend Reproductive Rights!
  • Money for Jobs, Housing, Healthcare, and Education NOT for War and Prisons!
  • Stop Union Busting!
  • Bail Out the People NOT the Banks and Wall St.!

On Wednesday, April 14 Sarah Palin and the so-called “Tea Party Express” has announced that they will hold a rally at the Boston Common Bandstand starting at 10:00 am. This is the same group of ultra-right wing, neo-fascist racists that have tried to exploit the current economic crisis by using the most vile racist tactics to attack Obama, unions, immigration, healthcare, and the environment. While the demagogues, including Fox News and many others, that are in control of this group may try and hide behind populist slogans it should be clear to all that their true goal is to further the political and economic program of Wall St., big oil, the wealthy, and the corporations and they will stop at nothing in order to do so. Let’s be clear, there is nothing grassroots about any of the “Tea Party” factions, they are all funded by the same racist ultra-right organizations such as Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity.

We can not stand by and allow Sarah Palin and the “Tea Party” to gather and try to use racism to divide us with out a response. History has shown that only through organizing and mobilizing a strong, anti-racist, pro-working-class counterattack against both the economic crisis and racist division will we be able to successfully defeat these right-wing, neo-fascist organizations and their supporters once and for all.

The health care law, racism and fighting the right